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  Aussie radio

  Woman 2.0 Software Up aka Microsoft Womangrade

The highly popular Stephanie McCulloch version will be slowly phased out over the coming 9 months, in favour of a brand new Stephanie McCulloch ALPHA release.

Over the next few weeks the mega establishments of the High Street's nightclub scene will bid a fond farewell to the reliable ware that stumbled its way onto their systems and into their hearts with her seductive Siri-like voice activated app, fantastic suction (often compared to a Dyson hoover) and unbeatable fuel-economy; averaging at at only 2 drinks per ride.

One avid follower, said of the 1.9.9, "With this one you really do get more bang for your buck".

In light of this news, the nightclub regulars have started looking to alternate sources of investment whilst eagerly anticipating the latter stages of the Stephanie McCulloch 2.0 BETA and of course the Stable Release. Speculation has already circulated amongst the reviewing bodies of the scene that we can expect greater love handle grip than the beloved predecessor as early as version 2.1.8 causing numerous cases of geeking out in the form of the commenters claiming they had "j1zz3d" upon their persons.


A spokesman for Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the decommissionaing of the now Stephanie McCulloch model and birthing the soon to be announced 2.0 ALPHA. The spokesman is quoted as saying, "Though we do not know which member committed the Operation Bareback hack, we can safely say it was us, on the basis that the perpetrator has yet to come forward". Critics of Anonymous have slammed the move, claiming that a 2.0 release is too early and major bugs have still to be worked out of version; often citing the lack of an "off" switch as a major issue.

Note: version = 1 (mother). 19yrs 9 months
version = 1 (mother). 20yrs 2 months
version = 2 (daughter). 00yrs 0 months
version 2.1.8 = 2 (daughter). 18yrs

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