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  Going to Heaven...
A Muslim dies and goes up to Heaven.

He`s stopped at the Pearly Gates by St Peter who says "Sorry,

but we don`t allow Muslims into Heaven"

"What?" replies the Muslim, "And why not?"

"Well, we just don't."

The Muslim complains and carries on until St Peter gets fed up.

"Well", says St Peter "have you ever done anything good in your life?"

"Mmmm" the Muslim replies, "Yeah, the other day a lady stopped me on

the street collecting for a children`s charity, so I gave her ten dollars. Last

week I donated ten dollars to the Cancer Society, and a couple of weeks

ago a tramp asked me if I could spare any money, so I gave him ten

dollars as well."

"Alright then" says St Peter, "Let me go and have a quick word with God."

Five minutes later St Peter returns and says to the Muslim: "Listen, I`ve

spoken with God and he agrees with me. Here`s your 30 bucks back.

Now fuck off!!!!"

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Contributor: phunny
Rating: Rated 2.83 from 154 votesRated 2.83 from 154 votesRated 2.83 from 154 votesRated 2.83 from 154 votesRated 2.83 from 154 votes

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