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Three Men Walk Into A Bar.
One is a White Hindu,
One is a Black Priest, and
One is a Chinese Buddhist.

They each bet One Hundred Dollars on whom can make an Atheist Woman at the bar scream from sex.
So the White Hindu Goes In First and Fifteen minutes later, the woman comes out laughing.

Next, The Black Priest Goes In And Twenty Minutes Later The Woman Comes Out Laughing again.

Then, The Chinese Budist Goes In and Less Than Five Minutes Later, The Chinese Budist comes out laughing and the woman is screaming Bloody Murder.

The White Hindu and The Black Preist both ask him how he did it,

And He Said:

"Me Chinese, Me Play Trick, Me Put Hotsauce On My Dick!"

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Contributor: The Jewish Guy
Rating: Rated 3.4 from 10 votesRated 3.4 from 10 votesRated 3.4 from 10 votesRated 3.4 from 10 votesRated 3.4 from 10 votes

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