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  condom confusion
An Asian gentleman, just married, goes into the Chemist store and because he is so distinguished is served by the manager who asks what he requires and says he needs some condoms.

The manager efficiently ushers him to the off shelf roundabout,with every type of condom known to mankind.

The Asian customer is very interested in the coloured ribbed variety, which is strongly recommended, and orders 24 of each colour, red orange, green, blue, black, yellow and purple, pays by credit card,thanking the manager for his excellent assistance.

Some 8 months later the same Asian appears again in the chemist and again the manager espies him and offers help once more. The Asian customer says he is looking for a maternity bra,for his wife. Again the manager ushers him to the bra roudabout with a full selection, and inquires "what bust", to which the Asian replies "I think it was the blue one"......

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Contributor: bernie thebolt
Rating: Rated 2.72 from 180 votesRated 2.72 from 180 votesRated 2.72 from 180 votesRated 2.72 from 180 votesRated 2.72 from 180 votes

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