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  Poof! He's gone...
There was a fat guy, a rich guy, and a gay guy walking down the road when out of no where, WHAM! They were hit by a drunk driver.

They go up to heaven and god explains that it really isn't there time yet and agrees to let them go back to earth under one condition, they all have to give up the thing they love most.

So there back on earth walking down the street and the drunk driver never comes by. They then continue walking, happy to be granted a second chance, when they come across this restaurant with a huge bowl of spaghetti in the window and the fat guy runs in and immediately starts eating...POOF! He's gone...

The rich guy and the gay guy look at each other and say guess he couldn't give up the thing he loved most...

So as they continue walking down the road and the rich guy see's a quarter on the ground. He bends down to pick it up and POOF! The gay guy is gone...

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Contributor: C.Kihn
Rating: Rated 2.37 from 49 votesRated 2.37 from 49 votesRated 2.37 from 49 votesRated 2.37 from 49 votesRated 2.37 from 49 votes

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