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  War Photo
Be Careful scrolling down .......Scenes are quite graphic.
Please Read Before Opening.

War can be a brutal event. We tend to sit back in our living rooms, and view the barrage of information that comes across our television. We easily can become de-sensitized to the true gravity and danger of the battle front.

Lives may be ended or altered forever during the heat of battle.

When I first saw this photo, my heart was instantly brought face to face with the cold reality of battle.

Yet at the same time, made me proud of who I am.

This moment of conflict, on some distant shore, truly captures the spirit and cause of fighting for what is right.

But a word of warning: You may not want to look at first due to the disturbing content.

But the more you look, the more you will likely be drawn to and inspired by this moment.

It may even cause you to want to join the fight. I hope it does.

Please take a silent moment to view this tragedy.

Remember that all of us can be proud, and be brave... God Bless America.

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Contributor: general patton
Rating: Rated 3.35 from 23 votesRated 3.35 from 23 votesRated 3.35 from 23 votesRated 3.35 from 23 votesRated 3.35 from 23 votes

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